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A reprint of the 1932 book by Edwin Monk

In an attempt to get back to basics, we have decided to attack an old, old boat design from 1932, an eight foot punt from Edwin Monk’s classic “How to Build Wooden Boats.” But in the process of collecting parts, we ran across some cheap waterproof plywood that would be used for concrete formwork so we will end up with something not quite so authentic.

On the other hand, maybe we will end up with something that does not even float!

We hope that, with enough hot tea and Christmas leftovers, we will end up with an approximation of a small wooden boat with which to row around on the Danube or other parts of the European waterways. Or it will end up as a tender to Markus’ catamaran, giving us visiting rights as he tours the world.

Let’s see what a 77 year old boat design can do!