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Transporting the first tank boat

Transporting the Tank Boat for its first test

Many things can be made to float. Markus helped a friend build a simple boat from five 4800 liter decommissioned gas tanks. The image show the boat being moved to its launching at a secret location of the Danube. It was powered by a specially built propellor system attached to a tractor which worked surprisingly well. As far as we know the vessel has not yet been registered.

Markus is in the process of designing and building a sailing version of the same. A twin junk rig, one mast per hull, will drive the vessel on the open sea, while a re-purposed tractor motor will drive it on inland waters and at other times.

A number of people have already offered advice (five sailors, six opinions!) including the lovely couple with La Belle Epoche.We will be reporting on construction and planning as it comes together, the tanks are already delivered and are being cut as we write.