These plans are quite outrageous and cool!

Side view showing junk sails in running position and long dagger board.

The hull is a collection of gas tanks, 6.5mm steel, welded into long tubes. The bow and stern are tanks with sections cut out to allow then to give a fine entry / exit angle. They are also angled slightly up to give the ship better movement. The hulls are divided into several compartments, to survive a possible complete flip, a danger of catamarans.

The daggerboard position will be interesting to optimise: in this plan it is too far astern.

Top view. The lines that look like oars are actually the sails.

A bit more of an idea of sizes and the rig.

The main surface is quite simple. Whether or not a proper deckhouse should be built remains open. The masts are trelliswork (I am sure there is a better name for this), apparently great for reducing wind resistance. Plus you never have to worry about lines getting lost inside the mast, and climbing the mast if needed is also no problem.  A junk rig is unstayed, so there is less force upon the hull when the wind is not blowing.

There are plans for a tabernacle, to be able to lower the masts when cruising the canals and rivers of Europe or anywhere else. These are not apparent in these plans.

Imagine running before the wind with that ahead of you. Yowza!

We are all looking forward to seeing how this comes together.