A few years ago I started hearing reports of various groups of people looking at the way that plastic was infiltrating our world in ways that we had not really imagined. And today I found a great video outlining a lot of the problems. The North Pacific Gyre “if we don’t see it, it doesn’t exist” – it is there, 100 million tons of plastic in the ocean. But as they seem to be seeing – we can’t see it. But it is there.
Sounds like some dreadful D-grade horror movie.
“Plastic has no endgame.” There is no place for it to go.


I often feel like I am a dimwit and uptight for getting upset about people throwing cigarette butts in the water. But reading and watching this kind of stuff makes me realise that the fish that eat the cigarette buts of cigarette wrappers and have their entrails filled with plastic, slowly starving them whilst poisoning them with the emanations from the plastics: they don’t deserve this. And we are doing this damage to ourselves.
Yowzah! That was a bit serious.