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As all Associations, so with TUBA: we have a logo. And for us it was a pretty simple decision. The Time’s Up logo is stolen from some old pirate flag (it actually came before the name) and since years we have an old lifering on the side of the building. At least in the summer.
So PB, experiencing graphic design joy, attacked the problem of a proper TUBA logo with the vim and vigour of a stencil maker. Three separate stencils, without any coloured paint, we arrived at the following:

First test spray of the TUBA logo stencil, with all three parts ins black.

With a bit more testing and trialling, the discovery of some other colours and some careful spraying, we arrive at the rather white logo situation:

The TUBA logo, version 1.0, sprayed on the cupboard that is the storage area for all sorts of boating gear, known to TUBA members as "the clubroom."

So this was all nice, and helped while away time in March as we battled on many other fronts. So when one of the students at a recent workshop turned up with a logo for the 2010 Ars Electronics Festival, we were rather surprised:

The Ars Electronica 2010 Festival Logo looks rather familiar...

So: it looks like we have been pirated! Blunderbusses at the ready, boarding knives between the teeth, dammit! “we declare war upon the world”