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I arrived at the harbourside clubrooms of TUBA today after a good sleep in, enjoying the gap in the rain, to get the message that I should have a quick look at the punt, as it was closer to the water than it usually is. Well goodness gracious me, no only is it closer, but it was floating! Not a bad thing for a boat, but since it was still where it was when I pulled it completely out of the water last time I went for a paddle, it meant that something was afoot.
I had a look at the Danube level measurements for Upper Austria and saw the following for Linz:

30/5: 388cm

31/5: 404cm

1/6: 425cm

2/6: 446cm

3/6: 562cm

Wowza! almost two meters more since Sunday. Looking over the river we can see that the distance measurements (the Danube has white distance measurements every 100m from the mouth at the Black Sea back to the source in Germany) are on the water level. Looks like that puts paid to my idea to go for a relaxing paddle this afternoon: I would end up scooting past Mauthausen with a possibility of visiting a special rapids at the hydroelectric dam there.

The harbourside lounge platform is now only about 20cm above the water. This is interesting because it is usually about a meter above the water, so here in the harbour we do not have such a raise in water level as they do in the middle of Linz. And Linz has a lower increase than many other places along the Danube. The lower increase in Linz is apparently due to the way that the Danube breaks through a chunk of granite that makes up part of  the Böhmische Masse (Bohemian Massiv, Český masiv) that slows down the Danube just before it arrives in Linz. So Linz has always been partially protected from flooding. And apparently the TUBA harbourside clubrooms even more so.