Our friend and colleague Leo Schatzl, who has recently taken over the upper floor studio spaces here at the harbour, spent an evening sharing his favourite films with us. A selection across the Pacific in both directions with Kontiki and the Mermaid, a visit from the Antarctic to the tropics by a penguin on an iceboat, across the Atlantic on a pedalboat to raise awareness of the oncoming mishandling of a tribe in Brazil and as finality, and an old German tragic with a James Dean lookalike who end up along on a raft in the middle of the ocean after losing his passport, sailors papers and ignoring the beauty who wanted him to stay in the French countryside with her.

Magnificent foods from mother and son Hackl brought us through the evening as we discussed the possibilities of living on the water, around it or just in it.

Leo (far left) offering his insights and thoughts: note the rest of us with blankets and warm pullovers!