Tomorrow I get to do something that will be a lot of fun. Well. Tomorrow will not be the fun part. Tomorrow I drive to the Netherlands, 10 hours of mindless driving. Autobahn autobahn autobahn. But on Saturday I get out to Hoorn for two days of learning about making sails, and from Monday I spend three days making a hollow mast and gaff plus a (non-hollow) boom. These older skills will hopefully make their way into my tiny mind and I will come out a tad smarter. With some hardware to show for it. The school I am going to is run by some lovely people, who are helping me with my lack of Dutch. I get as far as “Hoe kom ik daar?” (“how do I get there?”) but not much further.

So expect a few installments in the next days that talk about boats, spars, sails and suchlike.