I thought that a normal 6-12 hour day was, well, normal. And the longer day might be tiring. No. a day of getting to some spot then spending 8 hours making a sail or a spar: THAT is tiring. Wowzah I am exhausted.

Summary: Saturday – Sunday one completed jib and a quarter finished mainsail, lots of sewing and sewing machine repairs. Monday: using the bird’s mouth technique to build a mast and a gaff. Here are some photos as evidence.

The finished jib. Three panels sewn together, 4 ayers of reinforcement in each corner, 5 jib hanks, 3 large eyes, 40mm tape on leach (rear) and foot (lower side), 80mm tape and super-strong rope in the leach (front side). That is a learning experience.

The eight sections of the mast fit together around the plug that extends up to the swivel point of the tabernacle. They are numbered because they are not all precisely the same, regardless of how hard we tried. Bound in hose claps and cable ties, the epoxy is currently curing.

This has been an amazing learning experience so far and I am sure it is not about to let up. The next two days will be good too.

Now for some sleep to get me through it!