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At least two people have sent the link and I think it is time to share it. The wonderful little film “Hold Fast” from the Anarchist Yacht Clubb (gotta love those bbs) is making the rounds. I suggest sitting down for an hour with a few friends and watching it, you can get it on torrent easily and watch on on the water should you wish.

For me one of the nicest points here is the way that they rejoice in the impossibility of plastic to disappear. Rather than wallowing in self pity at the imminent death of the ocean, or claiming some kind of moral superiority about wooden boats, or laughing at wooden boat owners with their floating rot stations, this little film just says “yes” to the way the world is. There are beaten up old boats out there. There are old sails to be had, disposed of masts, many parts with no owners. You probably cannot get by without getting your own ropes and anchor, but Dacron rots slowly if at all so we can happily refurbish hand-me-down sails into usable ones with a lot of hand work. And a good book.

This film really appeals to my feeling that we could all be out there, doing these things, if only we were up to letting go a little bit more, we would take things into our own hands and just try it. Yeah.

Happy little anarchists.