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There is a plan to fill in the harbour bays in the industrial harbour in Linz. Although it is probably too late to change anything (this has been discussed for years but apparently it has been actually decided now),  it is still worthwhile to say: Just a minute!

The three bays of the Linz industrial harbour. Planned is to fill in one third of each, losing contact to the Industriezeile.

For those who can read German, please go here to add your voice, or just to know what is going on. There is another website dealing with these issues as well.

We find it sad and unfortunate that such a unique part of Linz will be lost. We are sure there are a lot more interesting things that could be done with the harbour bays than fill them in: making a harbour bay is a difficult thing to do. Wasting these existing bays because they are not being economically optimally used at this present time seems a bit short sighted. It is probably economically short sighted, it is certainly culturally short sighted, it may be short sighted for dealing with flooding and other natural aspects of the local region.

Let’s hope that those with decision making powers can find other solutions to the apparent lack of land.

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