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For a number of reasons, which will break the boundaries of this brief post, we have decided to renovate a nice, normal trailer sailer. Ebay has enticed us and we bid high enough. The nonsense poem “The Owl and the Pussycat” has been trailing us for a long time, so we fairly quickly came upon the name “The Runcible Spoon” – I mean, how could we say no?


Stage one has been to get the trailer legal. We think we are almost there. But that is dull details. What is more interesting is that we think we know what we have. It appears to be a Silhouette Mk II build in ply. It is probably a home build as there is no manufacturer’s plate we can find.
We now know what we have. Now we only need to make it work.

This will require some major things: a new cabin roof, a mast, sails, a motor, front windows, a paint job. Some minor things: cushions, floor beams, electrics. Mostly it will require TLC and attention to detail. We hope to share some of it here.