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Time’s Up – Control of the Commons

Voyaging down the Murray and Danube Rivers and the Canals of Belgium through the first 6 months of 2012, Control of the Commons (CoC) aims to investigate and document the attitudes of people to water and waterways.

The vessels, all constructed from locally produced, recycled or reused materials, are propelled by the wind, the current and what the crew ate for breakfast. Moving slowly, dependent upon the elements, the crew can easily interact with the locals and other river users, observe and document.

The journeys are not didactic, rather documentary and explorative, gathering anecdotes, opinions and attitudes and exploring how these relate to people’s relationships with and along the river.

The first vessel was constructed in Linz, Austria, on the Danube in August 2011 and will set sail downstream in April 2012. Built from a discarded Zille (a regional boat type) with a windsurfer outrigger and junk rig sail, the Subak is a melange of styles. (See attached photo)

The second vessel will be built at space offered by the Royal Yacht Squadron in Port Adelaide in late January 2012. The team is currently collecting pieces and parts that will be used, construction beginning after the 20th of January. The core team will depart near Wentworth on the Murray River at the beginning of February. Fellow travellers will include technologists, comic artists, science communicators and bicycle activists. The journey will last three weeks, with the final destination depending on the speed of the river, the people encountered and the lengths of stories told.

21-31 January: Construction at the RYS in Port Adelaide
1-21 February: Travel on the Murray River from Ned’s Corner / Lock 9
24 February: participation in the Royal Institution / Fringe Parade
April: Danube voyage
May: Belgium construction and voyage
6-9 June: presentation at the Burning Ice festival in Brussels
For more documentation, blog entries and images, please visit http://timesup.org/coc

CoC is a project from Time’s Up, an arts technology group from Linz, Austria. Time’s Up were last seen in Adelaide last year in their TUART lecture tour and before that in 2000 as a part of Biomachines at the Adelaide Festival of the Arts. Time’s Up have pioneered physical interaction and narrative installations, developed innovative VR technology and have held a series of workshops on topics ranging from digital physics to steam power. The last exhibitions were in Brighton, UK (Sept 2011), Hong Kong (Nov 2011) and Wels, Austria (Dec 2011).

CoC is part of a EU funded project Resilients and has been supported by the Australia Council and IETF.

Photograph of recycled boat Subak sailing the Danube near Linz

Recycled boat Subak sailing the Danube near Linz, Austria.

Photograph of recycled outrigger boat  construction - Subak

Subak construction from recycled components

[PDF Version of Press Release]

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