One aspect of the CoC project is journeying down major European and Australian rivers to explore how we share and use our waterways. Another, equally important aspect is the construction of the boats we’ll journey with – using recycled or sustainable materials where possible, self or wind propelled. As we’re intending to interview people on our journey we’re also looking to build a boat capable of catching the eye of the people we pass by.

Photograph of recycled boat Subak sailing the Danube near Linz

Recycled boat Subak sailing the Danube near Linz

As you can see from the original Subak‘s construction, we not only reused existing boat hulls, but we drew on world boating history and sewed a Asian inspired “Junk” sail. When working with found and donated equipment it’s hard to have a firm design, so with the Subak II we had to wait until yesterday to start planning

After our interview with Radio Adelaide we confirmed that we’d be using a 125 racing dinghy hull and mast that’s been left abandoned and damaged at the Royal South Australian Yacht Squadron. Inspired by Taiwanese boat building, we’d earlier identified recyclable poly pipes as a possible material. In addition we visited That’s Not Garbage in Beverley in the search for recycled components, where we found laminated canvas advertising banners that will be perfect as sails and tarpaulins.

Not only are we working with a random assortment of bits and pieces, we’re also working with specific boat needs. We need a boat that can be propelled by human and / or wind power and which will fit underneath bridges and along Rundle St for the Adelaide Fringe opening parade. So not only do we need sails, yuloh, oars and maybe even a pedal powered paddle, we need a low or removable mast and light construction.

photograph of a damaged 125 class sailing dinghy hull

125 class sailing dinghy hull and bonus hole!

In the end we’re planning on extending the 3.8m dinghy hull with some sewerage pipe and converting the rigging to a lateen sail as often seen on Arabic dhows. We’ll hopefully make a rear platform stable enough to easily yuloh from and work out a way of adding a reclining style pedal run paddle on either side of the boat.

computer sketch of Lateen sail Subak II Design

First things first, we need to get the little hole on the starboard side repaired and work out how to modify the centreboard for optimal control.

We’ll be down at the RSAYS in Outer Harbour over the next week – if you’d like to get involved, donate some pulleys or camping equipment just give us a call! 0432 659 809. If you feel like joining us on the trip please let us know – we’ll have limited space on the boat itself, but would love the company of anyone who wants to kayak or canoe alongside us!

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