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Yesterday and today we finally got the Subak II out, sails raised, cameras carefully stowed, except for the GoPro which was very carefully turned off in the right position. So two test sails, one with Pix, the other with Pippa, were successful and undocumented.

However there are some things to say. The first surprise is that the sail actually works. Without too much messing around, we were pointing about 60 degrees off the wind. For the non sailors out there, that means that we can sail a bit towards the wind: not enough for America’s Cup challenges, but better than some boats. So we will have certain control over the boat. Getting off the wind, a broad reach was very snappy while sailing downwind was almost scary: I think there is some work to do on our rigging to get ourselves safer with the wind behind. The mast foot will need to be stabilised, the boomlet is a menace for grown-ups. It will feel a lot better when the extension is built.

The next step is to add some 150mm diameter PVC pipe along the edges of the boat to get an extra platform for people, gear and other nonsense. Tomorrow we get 6 x 6m pipes plus end caps to maek up the raft. These will be assisted by a few smaller pipes. We exerimented with a cut price sealing technique: heat, PVC glue and some Sikaflex.

PVC cement is in place, now heating the tube to squeeze it flat. Then a bead of sikaflex across the weld and then we repeat the process on the last 30mm of tube to have a perfectly waterproof end.

The pipes we constructed, two short, two long, will mate with the remaining 150mm diameter tubes to form the raft.

Of which, more tomorrow.