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Sleeping away from the Squadron for a change has been nice. Coming back and getting our heads around the next spurt was confronting. Pix and his brother Dave were here today, valiantly making stuff happen. It was a good day.

After early planning and plotting around food, we received a visit from Jane Marr, the local council Culture / Arts person, bringing us a copy of a book she edited and organised through the council of stories about the Port River. Some more interesting things to keep us awake at night! I would like to include a link to the book, but it seems not to exist…

A fellow turned up yesterday after hearing about the project on a mailing list. We chatted, he measured, then today he arrived again with a trailer, a mainsheet, spare flares, an anchor and all sorts of gear that we need. What an angel!

We haven’t reported in the past few days because there has been little of interest to talk about. We have chopped wood, tested the sail, sealed pipes, found and repaired holes in the dinghy hull and a miriad of other small and rather unnoteworthy things. Today has been a bit different – the vessel is beginning to take shape.

Pix and Dave got into solvent sniffing heaven as they cut up 6 pipes into 12, then capped the ends of all of them to give us our buoyancy chambers for the raft. When three were ready, they took a roped togeth bundle down to the water and gave it the log roll test – and it was as ridiculous as a log roll could be.

Going, going, GONE! Pix and Dave test the pipes. They were hardly sinking (the far end is still quite out of the water) so we should be fine.

Only later did we find out that some water has apparently gotten it – we will have to do some search and seal mission to remove that.

The test shows us that our estimates of the carrying capacity of the vessel with the pipes was not too far off. We should be able to fit four people, food, gear and the rest on this thing and not go under. Unfortunately we think that the planned bike for the bike generator will have to go. Which is one of the wonderful things that Greer from Magnificent Revolution would have brought along. But we cannot have everything! Next time….

But we finally have a bit more of an idea how it all will look.

Some parts of the Subak 2 brought together; the triple long 160mm pipes on the side, the platform of shorter pipes at the rear. It is starting to look right.

Tomorrow morning the next stage: the second triple roll, finding the leak, setting up the rear section. And then maybe some test sailing!