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In Renmark we were visited by a bunch of lovely fellows from the Renmark Rowing Club (oldest member 86 years old, I met an 82 year old coach of a junior team – you cannot keep these fellas down!), who sent us on our way with good cheer, delicious avocados and oranges and a telephone number. Once we got back to Adelaide, I called this number to Roger’s surprise, and arranged that he could come down and pick up the Subak2 minus a few things that will make it to Belgium for the closing exhibition.

This was just as much a surprise to him as it was to me, it seemed – but with a bit of chatting and some working out of how to get the transport worked out, we worked out the date as this morning. After picking the last rows of grapes overnight, Roger and his wife arrived with a giant trailer and we packed up.

I had been up for a while, adding a bunch of hand drawn construction notes to the CAD diagrams that we had been using to plan the Subak 2. Adding details of sheets and stays, showing where lashings should go, the lacing of the sail, all sorts of large and small details. Here is one of the plans, showing lashing details:

Annotated plans. One sheet of half a dozen.

So with all the parts lashed on with tape and then rope, the happy new owners set off back up to the riverland. The Subak 2 will grace the shores of the Murray again, and we look forward to hearing more about her adventures.

Shaking on it: the Subak 2 changes hands. Happy new caretakers!