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We took off on the first day of the Danube CoC trip in serious winds. Ropes needed to be tightened and retied, but once secured we went fast all day.

At least 10 km per hour! Real fast, for us at least. Especially considering that Subak2’s top speed along the Murray was maybe exaggerated at 6 km/h in near storm conditions.

So in general we feel really good about yesterday. The boat was stable and fast, we travelled 36km in one day and we safely executed two lockages.

However, locks (Schleuse) are staffed by officials who need to play by the rules. And not surprisingly, Subak is not a watercraft that easily fits official rules.

So, it turns out that we currently aren’t able to take the Subak any further down the Danube until she’s officially recognised. Which means paperwork, potential civil engineer appointments and challengingly for the CoC project goals, attaching a 6hp motor.

So, she’ll have to stay, unloaded, at her current mooring point. At least the sun’s shining.