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Houston, we have a solution.

After two weeks of motor dismantlings and remantlings, telephone calls, web searches, reading of obscure outboard manuals and never replied to calls for help on forums, we have a motor that is precisely 6 HP and has spare parts available. They are, we believe, racing towards us now, so tomorrow we will be able to remantle the Selva Electronic (built 1976 – as the fellow from the spare parts shop said “The motor is older than me” when I said that it wasn’t tooo old) and put it in the water to let it run for a while and see if there are any other blockages.

(If you find this looking for a Selva Electronic motor, the model 120 (the model number is the first number stamped on the crankcase; the second is the serial number with the first two digits being the year on manufacture) is a 6HP motor and the impellers can be obtained from Allround Marin (no “e”) in Vienna, part number 8095020.)

The motor came from a wonderfully enthusiastic fellow who was mentioned by the Schifffahrtsaufsicht (the Danube water traffic controlling agency) with his tractor powered raft.The impeller had disintegrated and parts were spread throughout the water system. So we hope that the new impeller will be enough. We will replace the gearbox oil (currently mayonaisse like) and hope that we never have to use the motor – the project is about sail and muscle rather than petrol and smoke.

Then a call to the local ship registration office this morning confirmed that we can apply for two temporary licences, one for a trip from Linz downstream (we will say Belgrade even though we will not get that far) and another from Linz upstream to Brussels. The first section of this trip will be undertaken at 90kmh on the Autobahn, but that should not be a problem, the journey did start in Linz!

So it seems we have worked our way out of the Red Tape Sargasso with help from friends, some lateral thinking and a lot of telephoning.