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The SFA wants us to be motor driven in order to satisfy the safety concerns of the Lock wardens.  So we recycle an old Italian Selva motor, which we saw working only two weeks ago, replace its aged impeller and get new gearbox oil into it. Whereupon it will not start. New spark plug, starter spray, nothing works.

Reading about nonstarting motors via forums, blogs, youtube and talking to friends – strangely enough all the YouTube videos we found had Australian accents explaining what was not working – we were told to check the spark, check that fuel was getting through, start it 10 times without the fuel line connected, etc etc; a bunch of useful suggestions. But all to no avail.

Until we started reading about the “old fuel problem.” Apparently fuel gets old. Especially two stroke, where the mixed in oil then separates out to “varnish” – not good on the inside of a motor! Strangely enough once again Australian voices featured here.

Back in its packaging, water pump working, the Selva Electronic Model 120 6HP motor will keep the authorities happy. Let the adventures begin!

This morning, now that the blisters from starting attempts have almost healed and the shoulder muscle strain has relaxed, we put in two liters of fresh fuel and some 2 stroke oil. Started within 3 pulls. Huzzah! The motor is still dying – the problem will probably be the fuel line which is leaking petrol out, so will leak air in and stop the vacuum fuel flow from working. But we have a motor, 36 years old, working for the Subak and are still only waiting on the official “Yes” that we can set off for the next stage of the journey.

Reuse, reduce, recycle. It keeps going.