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Not only can you visit the Subak at Burning Ice Festival and imagine how it feels to travel down canals and rivers in a boat made of junk – you can also help determine the boat’s future by making a bid for Subak in our Idea Auction.


CoC - Subak - Linz

CoC – Subak – Linz (Photo credit: Times Up Linz)


When we conceived the Control of the Commons project we not only wanted to make the boats out of recycled components we wished to continue their useful lives at the end of the project. Subak2 was bought by a grape grower we met in Renmark and we’re excited to announce that we’ll be handing on the original Subak in an Idea Auction at Burning Ice.


You could be the next owner of Subak by sharing your concept for the boat and its component parts:


  • ‘Bids’ must define the next use of Subak (garden bed, rocket ship, scrap metal, art object) and offer something in exchange (a story, further documentation, cold hard cash).
  • Successful Idea Bidders must be willing and able to take responsibility for the boat and the safety of its users immediately following the Burning Ice Festival.
  • The boat comes with some equipment: sail, oars, yuloh, anchor and life ring.
  • Time’s Up can assist with transportation of Subak and equipment within an hour’s drive of Brussels on the Sunday or Monday following Burning Ice (June 10 or 11).
  • Subak is temporarily registered as a watercraft – future guardians will need to get their own paperwork organised if they wish to continue to use Subak as a boat.
  • Time’s Up will make the final decision for the Idea Auction and if no appropriate bids are made will ensure that Subak gets recycled and reused in the most appropriate manner possible.
  • We’re happy to negotiate – get in touch!

Subak and crew members from Time’s Up will be at Burning Ice Festival in Brussels, Belgium.

Burning Ice Festival – Kaai Theatre, Brussels. 5-9 June.