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Subak on display.

The Subak on display at Burning Ice #5 above the canals near Kaaitheater in Brussels. Come and learn about the vessel, the journey, the ideas and the people we met.

Tonight (Friday) and tomorrow we will be at the Kaaitheater here in Brussels talking with people about Control of the Commons. We will raise sail around 5pm and be waiting around until about 7pm, longer if someone supplies enough rum, shorter if the weather is nasty. You might want to join us at the FoAM BYO Apero until 8pm for further discussions.

On Saturday after spending some time with the boat (5pm-7pm as usual), discussing possibilities for future uses of it, we will be talking at the Resilients Salon at Burning Ice about our Non Green Gardening activities (our Gardener in Residence, Natalia Borissova, is unfortunately ill), resilient culture and various other areas of interest.

At the Kaaistudios we have a collection of images from the journeys printed onto a calico display, the Australian Subak2 sail and a sound installation of atmospherics and interviews playing. This runs from 5:30 pm through the night while shows are on at the Studios, until Saturday.