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As the exhibition at Burning Ice comes to a close, we have to close up too. Our initial plan to set the Subak free as a commons vessel has foundered. The intention to have some small vessels in the commons, boats that were used by someone, than left at a certain place to be picked up and used for further journeying by a next person, like the wonderful Bookcrossing system for letting books re-enter the commons, has turned out to suffer from legalistic issues somewhat similar to the White Bicycles of Amsterdam/.

Thus we initiated our idea auction and the best bid so far has come in from a theatre group. They will use the vessel to stage a piece of theatre about rising sea levels forcing the inhabitants of Flanders, the formerly poor, now rich but low-lying part of Belgium, to move to the formally rich, now massively underemployed and poor part of Belgium called Wallonia. This seems to us to be the best possible use of the Subak, so the idea auction has been clearly won unless someone comes up with an even more outrageously good idea by 8pm tonight!

We will be packing up the vessel Sunday morning, so it will look a bit like the images on this flicker set. Driving 5.4 meters of steel boat in parts on a trailer around a tight city like Brussels is difficult, even more so when you have smashed your back window with the bow of the main hull on your way there. From then we only have to deal with the other remnants, life jackets, borrowed motor and suchlike. We will be homeward bound and ready for new projects – and trying to continue documenting this phase too.

It will be somehow sad to say goodbye to the Subak after almost a year’s worth of experiments and experiences, but we are sure that the theatre project will be wonderful and look forward to hearing about the experiences in other ways and places.