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A thank you to our dear friend Conrad who, amongst other things, is a bit of a Steve Kilbey fan, as well as being interested in, well, pretty much everything. A wonderful reference for questions about most things under the sun. Which surprises his family sometimes – “see, someone else does care about all this stuff I am interested in!”

So in my mailbox this morning there was a link and a photo. Not being such a fan of The Church or Mr Kilbey (not that I don’t like them, and I fondly remember a gig in some old town hall when I was a wee lad), the blog post did not grab me that much, but the attached image did.

An almost floating forest

There has been much talk of floating gardens, swimming trees and suchlike around the Time’s Up labs over the years. A swimming ring for a Willow was built but was unable (for various para-legal reasons) to be launched, the Donautics crew on the Eleonore have a series of floating gardens, while further afield there are stories of floating gardens in Andean lakes and tales of chunks of land, complete with their vegetation, being torn off and swept downstream by the 1956 Murray River floods.

But this one seems accidental and perfectly captured. Thanks to jb, who seems to be the photographer.