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As we keep our eyes on various developments around the place, we lose track of some, see other projects wander off and are excited when we see other projects turn up or re-appear. We have been using the plans of the Libertatia for a fictional sailing trip, so images of her adorn our note blocks and walls, inspiring us to get the story right.

Originally with piano and bathtub!

So it was a surprise to look at their site again today and see that the Libertatia is not dormant, simply overly and externally busy. This is not a bad thing, but life has its ups and downs, so I guess also the life of a collective.

The best way to get things up again is, perhaps, to get some novelty, some surprises. So the Libertatia collective has decided to open itself up to new experiences by looking for new people to join in. I know that we will not be upping roots at any point soon, but there is a certain attraction to the idea. Perhaps someone from the Bay Area needs a new group to join up with.

We look forward to hearing about it!

Ready to head out?