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Several years ago we heard about some bizarre idea from three friends to get a sailing boat, a big old square rigger, and turn it into a trading vessel. No motor. No containers, We kept the article and referred to it as one of those wonderfully impossible things that people planned. At some point we checked back in and the boat, the Tres Hombres, was already sailing. And was still sailing. This seemed to be a going concern, not just a quick shot in the wind.

So how are they surviving? One main thing they do is transport local specialities. One the most delicious of the transports they have is quite possibly their rum. We took the plunge and purchased a bottle of it and it is an exercise in self control to not just drink it all at once. Delicious. Or should one say: DELICIOUS!

How does one go about writing a rum review? There should probably be comments about the flavour, the smell, the way the taste changes as it moves through the mouth, the softness of the rum in your mouth, the tastes of Caribbean mixed with the influences of Atlantic storms and the oak casks that brought the rum to Europe. But we are not rum reviewers. We found one review in German, which is not exactly for the rum we have. But apparently that rum is also delicious.

This is a bit late for Christmas presents – but if you want to give a rum lover a present, then a bottle of Tres Hombres Rum would not go astray. Otherwise we can only recommend it. If the Slow Boat project ever became something, then Rum is one of the products that would be good to transport and trade.

So we would like to raise a glass of this fantastic rum to you all and wish you a good new year. May the deliciousness of good, fair products be part of your new year,