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Today we started onsite. The boat, a 125 sailing dinghy in plywood, was in bad condition. Some of the gear seems alright, but a hole that looked like it has been caused by a small forklift needed to be fixed. Sails are gone, but the mast was there.

Hopefully waterproof

We started today by repairing the hole in the side. A piece of wood on the inside, sikaflex to glue it on and a ring of screws around it should give us a waterproof repair. Tomorrow we will fill it, fair it and paint it. Plus a number of the other small cracks caused by the boat being abandoned for far too long on the hard.
Then we built a mockup of the sail. As a lateen, we have a long yard along the top of the sail, but we will use an A-frame to suspend the sail, so that it will be equally well-shaped on both tacks. We are pretty sure that all will be well, but are concerned how the sail will handle a dead run, i.e. with the wind right behind us. There are a lot of interesting looking videos and discussions about lateen sails out there, but this seems to be one aspect that is insufficiently well described anywhere we can find.

Mocked up version with a lashed A frame and the mast hung as a yard.

Plans tomorrow are to set up the A frame, mount it on the hull, sew a simple lateen sail from an advertising banner and set it all up on the vessel. Then Sunday we might try sailing it, without the planned pipe outrigger / platform. Let’s see.